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What Your Patients Don’t Know is Costing You

To have the thriving practice you’ve dreamed of, you need your patients to keep coming back for continued wellness care. But it can be frustrating when patients don’t understand how receiving regular care is essential for their ongoing health.

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With DigitalDoc, It’s Easy to Show Your Patients the Value of Continued Wellness Care

Most patients think of chiropractic care as something they should only seek when they have pain. The reason they don’t think they need to see you on a regular basis is simply that they don’t understand how much their spine affects their overall health.

We believe it shouldn’t be that way! With Digital Doc’s award-winning educational video content, feature-length documentary, and downloadable health guides, doctors just like you are able to educate their patients on the need for continued spinal care. This ultimately results in the ability to bring in new patients and keep them!


Enhanced Authority

Patients will know you’re armed with research and information gathered by trusted sources--not financial incentives.

Greater Trust

Your recommendations will be trusted as a genuine path to wellness rather than being motivated by Big Pharma’s bottom line.

Onboard Faster

Each of your new patients will get a free movie rental of "A Better Way" as a part of their Patient Welcome Pack. This will give them hope and assurance about their decision to invest in chiropractic wellness care.

Stream in Your Waiting Room

No more boring waiting rooms!! The high-quality video library will educate patients while keeping them engaged.

Help More Patients

Countless chiropractors see an uptick in appointments after their patients watch the film and other content in the library. You can, too!

Access New Content

With your subscription, you’ll have access to any and all new content added to the library and app.

We Understand What’s at Stake

We’re Chiropractors too, and we know how frustrating it can be to see patients only come for short-term symptom relief and not see the need for continued wellness care.

We Care About Helping You Help More Patients

  • Access a continually growing source of tools to help you educate your patients.
  • Watch and share a feature-length documentary film that reveals the dangers of a pharmaceutical-fueled culture.
  • Get listed in our nationwide patient-trusted directory of doctors.


“Wow!!! That was AWESOME!!! BEST. CHIROPRACTIC. MOVIE. EVER. Can't wait for the world to see it!”

Dr. David Erb

“Amazing documentary! Very well done. High quality. Impactful. You are to be commended for delivering such a powerful message. Keep leading the charge!”

Dr. Adam Del Torto

“Thank you so much for doing this for the Chiropractic profession! It was truly inspiring!”

Alexander K.

“The best documentary EVER for our profession. Thank you!”

Melissa A, DC

It’s Easy to Educate Your Patients and Keep Them Returning for Continued Wellness Care:


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Share the Content with Your Patients

Free movie rentals to watch at home or show off the whole library in your waiting room!

Watch Your Practice Grow

When your patient knows the value of continued wellness care, they'll come see you for life.

So, start your free trial today! You can also get a jump start by adding your practice to our free Digital Doc Directory! You don’t have to feel frustrated anymore. Instead, you can start getting excited about seeing your practice thrive.

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What’s in the Subscription?

It’s easy to get the tools you need to have a thriving office by educating your patients on the importance of consistent spinal care. 

Your subscription to Digital Doc includes:

Unlimited Digital Access via the Digital Doc AppleTV App

  • A Better Way – The Documentary. Access the entire full-length film to watch whenever you want.
  •  All Full Interviews in the library. Watch all the bonus interviews from experts you meet in the film including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Erb, and Dr. Axe.
  •  MiniDoc Chiropractic Series. Use these short films during marketing events for your practice or play them in your office as a promotional tool.
  • New is content added regularly!

Listing on Find a Doctor

  • Add your clinic’s contact information to our healthcare professional directory available on

50 Free Rentals*

  • Grant access to the film A Better Way to up to 100 patients and potential patients to use as a way of onboarding new patients or landing more new patients.

Marketing Event Training & Printable Resources (a.k.a Movie Night)

  • Receive instructions on how to host events using A Better Way as a marketing tool for your practice. You will be given downloadable and printable flyers, posters, and other promotional material. These work really well for customer appreciation events, community outreach get-togethers, or new patient onboarding activities.

You get all of that for just $39.95/month!

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To build a growing chiropractic practice you love, you need your patients to keep coming back for continued wellness care. It’s frustrating, though, because patients often don’t understand that getting treatment from you on a regular basis is essential for improving their health. We believe it shouldn’t be that way. With Digital Doc’s award-winning educational videos and feature-length documentary, doctors just like you have access to tools that make it easy to increase patient conversions and retention by educating their patients on the need for continued spinal care.

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