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It can be frustrating when patients only come for short-term symptom relief instead of seeing the need for continued wellness care.

When patients don’t understand the importance of getting treatment from you on a regular basis, it prevents you from having a thriving practice you love. 

If you’re like most chiropractors, you’ve likely wondered if there was an easier way to show your patients the importance of continued spinal care so you can treat more patients and increase patient loyalty.

At DigitalDoc, we get it!

We have helped doctors just like you increase patient conversion and retention so they can have the thriving practice they love! By playing our award-winning educational video content and feature-length documentary in your office, and sharing this content with prospective patients, you will see your retention increase, and your practice grow!

Founded by Dr. Tabor Smith and Clay Vaughan, DigitalDoc’s main goal is to help you show your patients the importance of continued wellness care.

Dr. Tabor Smith is the CEO/President of DigitalDoc and a chiropractor in Houston, TX who began his thriving practice over 12 years ago. Dr. Smith is a trailblazer in the subject of health and hygiene, specifically spinal hygiene, and holds many events and lectures on the subject.

Dr. Smith has personally seen the benefits of spinal hygiene care as he has been getting regular chiropractic adjustments and doing daily spinal hygiene exercises since the spinal problems he had as a young boy.  

Like many other chiropractic patients, Dr. Tabor received no less than miraculous results from his chiropractor. He was so grateful and motivated, that he wanted to learn everything he could about this type of natural health care and spinal care, and share it with the world. His personal experiences with chiropractic help him understand the necessity of continued maintenance for spinal health, as well as a better understanding when he is educating his patients on the importance of spinal hygiene.

Dr. Smith graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in May 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. He graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker Chiropractic College in 2007. 

Co-founder Clay Vaughan is a Business Development & Media Expert who has founded multiple thriving companies including a wedding film company and a media and marketing agency.

In 2008, Clay had the vision to take what he learned while working in high-end studios like ESPN and Fox to make high-end visual storytelling accessible to everyone. And through his wedding film company, he and his team have served thousands of brides in Texas and beyond.

He also founded his media and marketing agency over 6 years ago because he was tired of seeing companies waste time and money on marketing and media that wasn’t serving them well. His approach is highly ROI-focused and has been able to help companies around the globe grow.

We Help You Help More Patients

We are committed to helping you show your patients the importance of continued wellness care so you can increase patient conversion and retention, and grow your practice.

It’s Easy to Encourage Your Patients to Keep Coming Back for Continued Wellness Care:

  1. Start Your Free 14-Day Trial
  2. Show the Content to Your Patients
  3. See Your Practice Grow

Once you start your free trial, you’ll see just how easy it is to share the content with your patients so they can understand the need for regular spinal care.

We believe it shouldn’t be so hard to show patients why they should get treatments on a regular basis. With DigitalDoc’s award-winning educational digital library, doctors just like you are able to educate their patients on the need for continued wellness care and can grow their business by increasing patient conversions and retention. 

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