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What’s the movie about?

When you watch the movie you’ll discover “A Better Way” to build true health and wellness!

Stop masking symptoms! If you’re like most Americans you’ve been over-marketed and conditioned to reach for a pill for a quick fix every time you have a symptom.  And, like the rest of us, you’re getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

In 2017 alone, pharmaceutical companies spent over $6.1 billion dollars trying to sell you a pill. These types of direct-to-consumer prescription drug ads are banned in every other country except for the US and New Zealand.

Even though the United States takes more prescription drugs than ever before, as a nation, our health has never been worse!

Thanks to this failed system:

  • You’re sick and suffering…
  • You’re still in pain…
  • Your doctor bills are stacking up…
  • It’s time to make a change!

If you feel like there’s got to be a better way, and you deserve to live a life full of health and vitality…

We couldn’t agree more.  You deserve to know the truth!

Millions of people have discovered a better way to create health for themselves and their family.

Nearly 60,000 doctors have joined our movement to bring you that truth and give you a better way to not only feel better, but live a life of great health.  You deserve to know this powerful truth!

We invite you to watch this film not for us, but for yourself. We’re simply the voice of truth.  This is something you must to know.  Your life and the life of your loved ones could depend on it.

We hope this film will not only help STOP the lies, but will help to share the truth so lives can be saved, and our future generations can thrive.

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