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You Should be Doing This Everyday for Your Spine

By August 13, 2020No Comments

You Should be Doing This Everyday for Your Spine

As mentioned in the previous two articles, spinal degeneration is at epidemic proportions in our society, and it’s causing multiple health issues, including back pain and disability. But is there a solution, and if so, what is it?

Some chiropractors suggest we model the profession of dentistry and develop a daily spinal health routine called the Spinal Hygiene Method.  

The model for dentistry is very well known.

Dentists recommend daily dental hygiene procedures like brushing and flossing, followed by routine visits or check-ups that involve cleaning and up-keep.

Chiropractors are suggesting something similar in daily spinal hygiene exercises coupled with routine visits or check-ups that include chiropractic adjustments when necessary.


What is the Spinal Hygiene Method and What Exercises Would it Include?

Even though many exercises could be beneficial to the spine, the following four exercises were chosen because of their simplicity, effectiveness, and non-prescriptive characteristics. They focus on helping the individual to maintain three areas of spinal health between regular chiropractic check-ups.  

They include: 

1) Spinal R.O.M. Stretches

2) Spinal Molding

3) H.F.P. Resistance Band Exercise

4) Lumbar Wobble Exercise

It’s important to note: These spinal hygiene exercises are not treatments for a specific condition or prescription for correcting deficiencies. They are only hygiene exercises. If you have a health condition, you should see a chiropractor or other health care practitioner before starting any exercise regiment.

Just like a cavity cannot be corrected by brushing, spinal hygiene exercises can not correct a spinal health condition. So, you must have a chiropractor on your health team.

Your spine and nervous system control every function of your body and are directly correlated with the overall health of your body. Remember, you only get one spine. Take care of it!

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